Episode 12 – Teenage Head

Radio Zulu
Radio Zulu
Episode 12 - Teenage Head

The Morlocks – Teenage Head

The Makers – Allright, Allnight, Allright

The Plugz – La Bamba

The Brogues – I Ain`t No Miracle Worker

The Gants – Crackin` Up

Kubla Khan – Revolution II

The Rolling Stones – It`s Not Easy

Bobby Fuller – Skag

The Minutemen – Search

Dead Moon – A Miss Of You

The Bangs – Getting Out Of Hand

The Litter – Action Woman

Guided By Voices – Alright

Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers – All By Myself

The Prissteens – Oh Billy

The Pixies – Bone Machine

The Rogers Sisters – I Can Tell You How I Feel

The Sonics – You Got Your Head On Backwards

The Distillers – The Gallow Is God

Tito and Tarantula – Angry Cockroaches