Episode 13 – Hey Sailor

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Radio Zulu
Episode 13 - Hey Sailor

The Detroit Cobras – Hey Sailor

The Jimi Hendrix Experience – Little Miss Lover [version]

The Motards – Girl Like You

The Clique – She Ain`t No Good

The Doughboys – Down Home Girl

The Novaks – Doesn`t Anybody Hear It?

The Kinks – Just Can`t Go To Sleep

Blue Rondos – Baby I Go For You

The Ettes – No Home

The Rolling Stones – Take It Or Leave It

Soul, Inc – 60 Miles High

The Bloody Hollies – Right Between the Eyes

Guided By Voices – My Valuable Hunting Knife

The Tidal Waves – Action! (Speaks Louder Than Words)

Arthur Lee – Everybody`s Got To Live

The Pixies – Dead

The Divinyls – I`m On Your Side

The Stooges – Loose (Take 22)

The Makers – Look Both Ways

Babes In Toyland – Swamp Pussy

Spoon – No You`re Not

The Suburban Lawns – My Boyfriend