Episode 22 – The Unheard Music


X – The Unheard Music

Big Foot Chester – Commit A Crime

Mark Lanegan – Head

The Distillers – For Tonight You’re Only Here To Know

Dax Riggs – Living Is Suicide


Lyres – Gonna Find A New Love

The Neckbones – Love Ya Rock N’ Roll

The High Numbers – Here ‘Tis

Tonio K – I’ll Buy It

The Great Society – Free Advice [Alternate Version]


The Poets – That’s The Way Its Got to Be

The Makers – No Count

The Morlocks – Sex Panther

Urge Overkill – (Now That’s) The Barclords

The Ramones – The KKK Took My Baby Away


Rotten Blossom – Shut It Down

The Anemic Boyfriends – Bad Girls In Love

The Groupies – Primitive

Big Star – Mod Lang

Guided By Voices – The Official Ironmen Rally Song